[Pkg-fonts-devel] Dropping defoma hints files: current proposed changes

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan thep at debian.org
Wed Dec 2 05:05:28 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 7:03 AM, Paul Wise <pabs at debian.org> wrote:

> Personally I think it would be best to just proceed with all of the
> rounds at the same time, doing anything else introduces too much
> artificial delay that will add up to releasing an unfinished defoma ->
> fontconfig transition in squeeze. In the meantime those users of those
> 6 packages in sid will slowly see less and less fonts available,
> perhaps leading to the maintainers being motivated to fix the packages
> or others motivated to do NMUs and QA uploads. Ultimately the aim is
> to get defoma removed before the next stable release and if breaking
> fonts for a few packages is the way that will get done, then I say
> lets just do it and get the pain over ASAP.

In that case, I agree to move on the font side. Will update my packages
soon, along with the DebSrc3.0 goal.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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