[Pkg-fonts-devel] Update to ttf-tuffy (source v3, defoma drop)

Fabian Greffrath fabian at greffrath.com
Mon Dec 7 08:41:51 UTC 2009

Dear Christian,

Am 07.12.2009 07:15, schrieb Christian Perrier:
> In the recent work onteam-maintained fonts in the pkg-fonts SVN, I
> dealt with ttf-tuffy in the SVN, switching it source source v3 format
> and dropping defoma use (see recent threads in the team mailing list).

thank you very much for this. I admit, I haven't dealt with font 
packaging in Debian for a while. Is there anything else in my package 
that could/should be changed? Thinking e.g. of this spurious 
recommends on fontconfig...

> So, now the font is ready to be built and uploaded. I can do it, of
> course, bu I prefer asking for your agreement first...and maybe you
> prefer uploading yourself.

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I do not have upload rights to Debian 
so I am depending on one of you DDs to upload my packages anyway. I 
just updated my email address and merged both of our changelog entries 
(-2 has never been uploaded), so for all I care it is ready for upload 


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