[Pkg-fonts-devel] fontconfig -> defoma

Paul Wise pabs at debian.org
Mon Feb 23 05:40:35 UTC 2009

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:10 PM, Arne Goetje <arne at linux.org.tw> wrote:

> If you remove defoma

My plan for that started here:


> how do we register the fonts with X then? There are a number of
> applications, which don't use fontconfig (for example fontforge).

Keith Packard mentioned he plans to make Xorg upstream use fontconfig
but hasn't yet found the time for that.

Switching x-ttcidfont-conf to use fontconfig could be an interim
measure, on the other hand it should just be enough to
add /usr/share/fonts/truetype to the Xorg FontPath since that is how
x-ttcidfont-conf works now?

It seems kinda silly to add a symlink farm to Xorg FontPath instead of
just adding the real directory.

Fixing this is mainly just a matter of a change to the
--with-default-font-path configure parameter in xorg-server

> IMHO, defoma should be rewritten from scratch instead.

I'd prefer to add the few missing things to fontconfig, since it is
cross-distro and defoma is mostly a layer over the top of fontconfig
these days. It would be way less work to add small bits to fontconfig
and other apps than to write and maintain a new version of defoma
indefinitely. What do we do when whoever steps up to write that leaves
Debian or loses interest? We would then have another bunch of code that
doesn't have cross-distro buy-in and so much less people able or willing
to maintain it.

> And for the TeX fonts (PostScript fonts), can we convert them to
> Truetype, so that we can have more features and a wider application
> coverage?

I'm not familiar with TeX / TeX Live, but I can't seem to find any link
between defoma and TeX, except for this hints file:

etc/defoma/hints/cm-super-x11.hints   tex/cm-super-x11

Angus appears to have planned to add TeX - defoma integration:


He doesn't appear to have done that work.

So removing defoma wouldn't appear to be a regression for TeX.

It appears that ghostscript in lenny already uses fontconfig (libgs8
depends on libfontconfig1). IIRC Gentoo added that support a while ago.


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