[Pkg-fonts-devel] replacement for ftinfo?

Paul Wise pabs at debian.org
Mon Mar 30 03:15:09 UTC 2009

2009/3/30 Nicolas Spalinger <nicolas_spalinger at sil.org>:

> I can't seem to find a new similar utility in the freetype
> repositories... So I'd recommend we just switch to otfinfo from the
> lcdf-typetools package (otfinfo -i outputs the description data). AFAICT
> it works fine with usual TrueType fonts too.

Hmm, it doesn't output quite the same info but it looks better than nothing.

> IMHO Ed Trager's fontaine is a very promising tool to get a more
> complete description of the fonts in our review:
> http://unifont.org/fontaine/

That does look nice.

> Alternatively the latest fontconfig release has a new utility called
> fc-query with can report some more info on the font without the need for
> the font to be put in a folder to be cached.


> For richer specimens (pangrams beyond Latin ranges) we should look into
> "pcfp" (Pango-Cairo Font Playground, also from Ed. (Alternatively the
> latest pango-view from pango 1.24.0 now also does something similar).

That ties in with screenshots.debian.net, I think it would be good to
automatically generate 800x600 font samples for that. tarzeau had
something to generate really nice samples too:


> Having fontlint from fontforge would also be nice. I guess with the
> upgrade of Alioth that might be possible?

Yup. No idea when the admins plan to upgrade though.



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