[Pkg-fonts-devel] "Confidential" Ita Family.

Mrs. Monica ITA. monicaita at mighty.co.za
Sat May 9 23:25:19 UTC 2009

Mrs. Monica ITA. 
E-mail: monicaita at mighty.co.za 


You may be surprised by what I write to you because you do not 
know me personally. I received your contact their country Trading House here in
Johannesburg. I am Mrs. Monica ITA, wife of Mr. Joseph Ita who was recently murdered
in the land crisis in Zimbabwe. My husband was among the few rich Zimbabwe black
farmers murdered in cold blood by agents of the decision of government of President
Robert Mugabe, for his alleged support and understanding towards the Zimbabwe's
opposition party the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) 
controlled by whites. 

Before his death, my husband in one of his many trips abroad me 
made in Johannesburg to deposit the amount of U.S. $ 55000000.00 (fifty 
five million U.S. dollars) with a company security and Finance as 
the threat included in Zimbabwe. The money was deposited with the company security
in our arrival in Johannesburg, to prevent its concern and their safety. 

President Mugabe gave that money to my husband as investment target 
are still in good condition. The problem arose when land the President 
Mugabe, according to my late husband was a desperate attempt to arrest 
power of life, presented a new land law, which fully committed rich 
farmers who were mainly white and black finally condemned to 
strongly the method adopted by the government. 

And that led to the murder of devastation, looting and the size of the mob 
Measures taken by veterans and some political hoodlums. Specifically, 
more than 31 (thirty) people were killed and that I write to you now, by 
least 40 black and white families fled mounting violence in the arms 
northwestern Zimbabwe, and about 300 families have fled-100 farmers attacked. Some
were carried out on light aircraft to the Kariba airport after crowds blocked
several roads. Head of Government of the Western world, especially Great Britain and
the United States expressed its condemnation of Mugabe against the new law on land
reform. It is against this background that my husband and I spent the money in a
foreign account. 

I am overwhelmed with the responsibility to seek an honest person with 
extensive business experience to help us maintain the security and invest this
money. I am currently living in South Africa with my son, that the 
asylum seekers and the Law of Finance of the Republic of South Africa do not allow
asylum seeker certain financial rights. Given this situation, combined with the way
that this money was acquired, decided to invest the money to another place, but
preferably outside of Africa. From the above, you understand that all my life and my
family depends on your money, this title, I will be very grateful if you help me
transfer this money out of South Africa for its personal account in his name
companies, for investment purposes. 

Please all, I would do is give his total dedication, respect and confidentiality of
my proposal, his interest to help me raise this money out of South Africa is
urgently necessary. You should not fear at all risks, because I have any measure to
protect yourself in this operation and we have developed with the modalities for
Using the transfer a senior official of the Bank in that country (South Africa),
which will be detailed in my next communication. 

I have mutually agreed to indemnify the buyer with 20% of the total allocation for
the your help, 5% for expenses during the operation, the remaining 75% will remain
for my family and me in you help to invest. 

Please call my son James Ita above phone number or e-mail immediately,
indicating their interest in help us. Bye for now. 

God bless you. 
Mrs. Monica ITA.

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