[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#551955: RFP: ttf-anonymous-pro -- A fixed-width sans-serif font designed especially for coders

Josh Triplett josh at joshtriplett.org
Thu Oct 22 00:45:29 UTC 2009

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : ttf-anonymous-pro
  Version         : 1.001
  Upstream Author : Mark Simonson <mark at ms-studio.com>
* URL             : http://www.ms-studio.com/FontSales/anonymouspro.html
* License         : SIL Open Font License
  Description     : A fixed-width sans-serif font designed especially for coders

Anonymous Pro is a family of four fixed-width fonts designed especially with
coding in mind. Characters that could be mistaken for one another (O, 0, I, l,
1, etc.) have distinct shapes to make them easier to tell apart in the context
of source code.

Anonymous Pro also features an international, Unicode-based character set, with
support for most Western and European Latin-based languages, Greek, and
Cyrillic. It also includes special "box drawing" characters for those who need


I spoke with Mark Simonson previously about releasing his freeware font
Anonymous Pro as FOSS.  He had apparently considered the idea before
that as well.  I just discovered that Mark generously released Anonymous
Pro under the Open Font License recently.  To encourage widespread usage
and distribution of this excellent font, I've filed this RFP requesting
a package for Debian.

Thank you, Mark!  And thank you to whoever ends up packaging this for

- Josh Triplett

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