[Pkg-fonts-devel] default screen fonts.

rdxijn at yandex.ru rdxijn at yandex.ru
Fri Apr 9 11:57:14 UTC 2010


I've use Debian for some years, and noticed that Debian fonts state for screen usage is not very progressive.  I'm speaking only about English and European languages.  

First, there is still no droid fonts, which are good and  have been already included in Ubuntu.  

Second, there is no default meta-package which will set most common desktop font free replacements, such as arial, helvetica, times, courier and others, to make them both readable and not far from original. Also some fonts matched are not optimal for screen rendering, for example helvetica matched as nimbus sans which is ugly on low dpi, or if bitmap fonts are enabled, helvetica will match bitmap. So it is good to have package, that will make everything as best as possible. This make web pages and .odf documents made on other oses both readable and closer to original design by default. 

And there is now way to turn on/off improved sub-pixel. It is enabled in qt4 and disabled in gtk/cairo. 

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