[Pkg-fonts-devel] Creating a mirror of fontforge's CVS repository

Rogério Brito rbrito at ime.usp.br
Wed Apr 21 10:23:49 UTC 2010

Hi, pabs.

On Apr 21 2010, Paul Wise wrote:
> You should be able to set up a cron job. The pkg-fonts review script
> runs from a cron job in my user for eg.

Great. Thanks.

> Yeah, pkg-fonts should be fine.

Could you create the /git/pkg-fonts/ directory there for me? I don't
think that I have the necessary rights to perform the operation (just
tried it).


> It is true that we don't use git much, fonts generally lend themselves
> better to svn-buildpackage's mergeWithUpstream mode.

I am not very familiar with svn-buildpackage. Does it include something
like git-dch, to put fill debian/changelog with descriptions from the

> I intend to switch ttf-mph-2b-damase to git when I convert the "source
> code" from TTF to FontForge SFD. Upstream is no longer working on it
> and my attempts to merge it into DejaVu and/or FreeFont weren't very
> successful so I figured pkg-fonts could become upstream.

It seems to me that maintaining that package is a great deal of work,
especially for someone like me that only understands languages in the
Latin script. :-)

> > Another thing that would rock would be to create a git mirror of our
> > SVN repository---I've been having some severe problems with network
> > outages and I would prefer to keep working/committing even when I am
> > disconnected.
> That should be easy enough for you to do. You could even login to
> alioth, run the conversion and tar it up and download it in one go.

Gee, I guess that I can be a little more conservative and create a
mirror of only the programs, since some of the fonts are huge.

BTW, just a wishlist here (brainstorming, don't blame me): perhaps we
could separate the pure font packages from the programs in the
repository? Say, something like creating two (or more) subdirectories...

Just some food for thought.


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