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Hideki Yamane henrich at debian.or.jp
Thu Aug 5 18:51:13 UTC 2010

On Tue, 3 Aug 2010 19:17:54 -0400
Christian PERRIER <bubulle at debian.org> wrote:

 Thanks for your forwarding mail.

> Dave Crossland stopped into NYC to attend the Debian shindig this past week, and is kindly giving a talk on open source font design using only free software, and the general state of fonts on the web.  This talk will co-incide with our usual Craft Night at NYC Resistor from 6-9pm.  Talk starts 6-ish.  If you're attending craft night for crafting events, it will be business as usual in the room with too few A/Cs.  Well, we did buy a fourth one.  So that should be pleasant.
> Questions to contact at nycresistor.com and our blog post here: http://www.nycresistor.com/2010/08/02/craft-night-special-talk-font-secrets-revealed/

 Does someone go there? I want to hear sessions until 6pm and I don't know
 about the place that would be held, so I'm glad to pick me to there if you

 Or I'll take the time to write article about this Debconf for Japanese 
 magazine at hacklab or Furnald.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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