[Pkg-fonts-devel] Maintaining your font packages under the pkg-fonts team umbrella?

Arne Goetje arne at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 4 03:40:28 UTC 2010

Christian PERRIER wrote:
> 你好 Arne,
> (OK, this is probably Simplified Chinese...ignorant as I am,
> this is only what I could find...)

No, that's fine. The same characters are used in Simplified and
Traditional Chinese.

> From what I see while doing a round survey of fonts packages, there
> are some packages that you maintain that are not held in the pkg-fonts
> SVN repository.
> As you're already a registered team member, would you mind moving
> these packages under the team's umbrella? We could them do the same
> "modernization" we did for other packages.
> These packages are:
> ttf-arphic-uming
> ttf-arphic-ukai
> ttf-manchufont

Sure. I'd actually like to give them up for team maintenance, since I
don't have time currently. For the ttf-arphic-uming and ttf-arphic-ukai
packages I could also provide the .sfd files, since I'm also upstream.
However, building the .ttc files out of them is not trivial and needs
some custom fontforge scripting (probably written in python), which I
currently don't have. I built them manually. If someone could help with
the scripting, I could explain how things work internally. Then we can
have a proper Makefile. Since both fonts share the same internal
structure, that Makefile would work for both fonts.

> (I already moved other ttf-arphic-* packages to our SVN as these were RFA'ed)
> More generally speaking, as you probably know much more than me about
> this, what is your opinion about these ttf-arphic-* fonts? I started
> modernizing the ones I integrated in SVN but I'd like to be sure
> whether it is still useful to maintain these packages alive.

Well, some people prefer the original Arphic fonts for printing. They
won't be updated, since there is no upstream anymore. But I do think
it's worth to keep them around. Also, I think the Latex guys use them.

> (no need to CC me on asnwers. I cc'ed you to be sure this mail gets
> your attention as you probably receive many mails but I think you're
> subscribed to the list too, right?)

Right, I am subscribed, but I get far too much mail. So, CCing me is
better. :)


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