[Pkg-fonts-devel] Maintaining your font packages under the pkg-fonts team umbrella?

Gürkan Sengün gurkan at phys.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 4 08:19:48 UTC 2010

Hello Christian

>> I noticed that you do maintain font packages for Debian and seem to be
>> quite active in this.
>> I wonder if you would be OK to work on this along with the pkg-fonts
>> team. IIRC, indeed, you have a pending request to join the team on
>> Alioth but I don't remember of any request in our mailing list (I may
>> have missed that, that always can happen).
>> Our team recently made big efforts to modernize our font packaging
>> (dropping defoma, move to dh7-style rules files, source v3 format) and
>> joining the team could help in doing such work on the packages you maintain.
>> What would you think of this?
>> PS: actually, I even see that at least one of your packages (ttf-adf)
>> already mentions the font packaging team..:-)
> +1 for ttf-atarismall....:-)
> Did you have time to think about this proposal, Gürkan?

Yes that's fine by me. What do I need to do?

Happy new year,

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