[Pkg-fonts-devel] Please can you be trusted with this information?

gilbert chikowore gilbert_chikowore at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 17 17:33:43 UTC 2010

My dear,
Excuse me please!
It is with due respect, trust and humanity, I write this mail to seek your assistance. Although it may be an embarrassment since we have not met before. Anyway, I believe that you'll understand my plight after going through my mail. 
My name is Gilbert Chikowore, I’m 18years old and the son of Enos Chikowore, the Zimbabwean former Minister for Transport who is also a business-man and politician, in the Zimbabwean political arena. 
My Father was the famous politician who stood firm against President Mugabe’s idea of continuous fight in the seizure of white owned farms and the distribution of it to the blacks without compensation to the white owners. 
Because of my fathers’ sincerity, he was killed by a planned motor accident along Mashona land in Western Mashona Province of Zimbabwe. The planners of the accident are Soldiers, suspected to have the backing of the Government and President Mugabe himself. 
My dear, when this accident occurred at about 10:15am Zimbabwean time, my father did not died on the spot. Rather he was rushed to Harare hospital by some people of good heart. He managed to send for me because my mother is no more. When I rushed to the hospital, he secretly called me to his bedside and explained his condition and again about his vital documents which is meant for his political campaign in the next election. Also he mentioned a sum of GBP 10,700,000 pounds sterling which he deposited in a Storehouse with a freight forwarding and clearing services firm in Cotonou, the capital of Benin. He said he used my name as his only son, as the next of kin in depositing the money. Finally, He instructed me to leave Zimbabwe immediately for my safety and seek for a foreign partner in any Country of my choice where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose, such as real estate management. Although my escape was not easy, but I
 successfully arrive in Cotonou, the peoples republic of Benin.
This country has an existing law which banned asylum seekers/refugees like me not to operate an account that exceeded GBP 2000.00 pounds sterling. Again I am eighteen 18 years old, I am scared of claiming the money because it may raise eyebrows. I am therefore, writing to seek for your help concerning this inheritance, for it to be secured and transfer out of this Country and use as my father advised. 
Well, as for your reward for assisting me, we shall talk about it as we start exchanging mails. I have it in mind to continue my education in your country under your guidance. 
Please, if you find it in your heart to help me, please try and reach me with this email address; gilbert.chikowore at yahoo.fr
Bear it in mind that I'll not have rest of mind until my life and my inheritance are secured. If I may ask; I hope my life and the inheritance will be safe when finally in your Country? I hope too, to establish a rewarding and good relationship with you and your family after this. 
Hoping to hear from you as soon. 
God bless. 

Best regards. 
Gilbert Chikowore.

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