[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#542489: ttf-inconsolata: No italics in Emacs 23 Gtk+

Rogério Brito rbrito at ime.usp.br
Wed Mar 24 10:21:22 UTC 2010

Hi, Damien.

On Mar 24 2010, Damien Wyart wrote:
> > This is a very, very quick and dirty solution: I think that you can
> > open the font with fontforge, let it slant the fonts automatically,
> > save the result with a different name and use it.
> Sorry for my quite dumb question.

No, your question was not dumb at all: I have, under some circumstances,
had to resort to edit the fonts with fontforge.

The Utopia typeface that Adobe donated to the TeX Users' Group is one
such case, since I needed the smallcaps and the donated font didn't have
one. In fact, that was a good thing, since, in the course of that, I
even discovered a segfault and patched that (I guess that few people
create smallcaps...).

> I realized that I had convinced myself that oblique was already
> included in Inconsolata but not available in Emacs. Further checking
> showed this was not the case (the original bugreport was a bit
> misleading).

Yes, I don't see any kind of italics or oblique here.

> I prefer not to start using hacks to get fake oblique...

They may not be that bad if you tune them with fontforge (and using
fontforge is easy, at least for the more "mundane" tasks). And if you
produced anything as a result of your efforts, contributing it would be

> > BTW, I find Inconsolata good for high-resolution devices (e.g.,
> > print), but the blurry (and even colored) shapes make my eyes hurt.
> I am not entierely conviced myself, but as Terminus, which I prefer,
> doesn't have a good-quality oblique, I have looked at alternatives.

I have not yet made up my mind with terminus.

> After getting your answer, I made some tests with DejaVu Sans Mono
> (quite good) and Anonymous Pro (surprising at first, but quite
> usable).

I, myself, use DejaVu Sans Mono with my Emacs. The only problems that I
had were due to fontconfig not being fine-tuned, but I now have a
.fonts.conf file that deals with that.

BTW, is Anonymous Pro packaged already? I could not find it with a quick
search, but seeing as it is Free Software---Open Font Licence---, it
could be packaged (if anybody else has not started it yet).



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