[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#581839: RFA: linux-libertine -- Linux Libertine family of fonts

Christoph Egger christoph at debian.org
Sun May 16 14:39:56 UTC 2010

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request an adopter for the linux-libertine package.

The package description is:
 The Linux Libertine Open Font project is designed to offer a free
 alternative for fonts such as Times New Roman. All
 fonts from Linux Libertine are provided with full sources (FontForge).
 This package contains transformations to TrueType (.ttf).


	I've adopted linux-libertine just last fall. However I failed to
get into the details of font packaging and am now skeptical I'll have
the motivation to do so soon. So I guess it's just better if someone
with more interest in the topic takes over.

	Short-ish term todo for the package is sorting out otf vs. ttf
bugs and maybe investigating the hugely different filesize when
comparing upstream ttf and the result of a build using the sfd files.

	If you want to take over and are not (yet) able to upload yourself
feel free to contact me for sponsoring.



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