[Pkg-fonts-devel] Lack of coordination of efforts on the fonts team

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Wed May 19 11:10:22 UTC 2010

Rogério Brito wrote:
> Hi.
> I would like to propose that we better coordinate our efforts in the
> team.
> Even during my short presence in the team, I have noticed that we are
> less of a team and more of many contributors working independently,
> without each other knowing about the whole picture.


Hi Rogério and everyone,

Well, yeah our team structure is not very formal, we're a loosely-knit
collective and everyone juggles with their time and motivation... Some
better than others...

So a big thank you to all of those investing their time and skills! IMHO
thanks to the work of this team, the overall font situation is already
much better than what we had a few years back, we have managed to tackle
quite a few things and make progress on various fronts.

There are surely things we could improve but it seems our repository
isn't all that dormant, especially given the recent arrival of new team
members like you :-)

I suggest we consider having some IRL meetups every once in a while to
help with coordination and learning from each other.

For example is anybody in the team going to be present at the upcoming
LGM: Libre Graphics Meeting, http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org/ plenty
of key open font community folks will be there... I will participate
again and upstream font design/release best practises and packaging
issues will be discussed.

BTW I won't be able to make it to Debconf this year but some of the team
members will surely be there.


Nicolas Spalinger, NRSI volunteer
Debian/Ubuntu font teams / OpenFontLibrary

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