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minimalistic sans serif typeface
 Play is a minimalistic sans serif typeface designed by Jonas Hecksher, Type
 Director of Playtype™ Type Foundry. All letters in Play derive from the 'O' –
 square and circular at the same time. Play is designed with large, open
 counters, ample lowercase x-heights and a corporate, yet friendly appearance.
 The combination of these qualities give Play both a high legibility and
(new) fonts-play_1.002+20111215.1.orig.tar.xz optional fonts
Changes: fonts-play (1.002+20111215.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #651244)
  * Source taken from mercurial revision 1906:0fa8432f804a
  * Font files rebuilt from .sfd sources
  * Added debian/patches/makefiles.patch:
    - Makefiles to build from sfd sources
  * Added debian/patches/replace-usr-local-with-usr.patch

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