[Pkg-fonts-devel] Sponsor for the Font "Pecita"

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri Dec 23 05:56:25 UTC 2011

Quoting Maison en a Pecita (acquadoria at gmail.com):
> TY Christian for the time that you spent on my package.
> I sent a correction, as follow...
> 1) Lintian
>     My understanding of English let me looking these sentences as Chinese.
>     I modified version and description.

You can try to run lintian on your package "lintian -i foo.changes"

In case you have doubt, feel free to  ask for advice in private in
French, as I understand you're French (or at least French
speaker)....which I happen to be too...:)

>  2) /usr/share/fonts/opentype/pecita: yes, true, done.
>  3) build-stamp: If you say! I suppressed it and hope the package is
> still instalable???

Not exactly. What I didn't understand the purpose of was:

         cd build; cp ../Pecita.otf ./

>  4) I give the source on http://pecita.eu/f/Pecita.sfd but there is no
> connotation with the package.

Could be interesting to include it in an upstream tarball (along  with
the OTF file, a copy of the SIL licence and maybe even a Makefile
allowing to build the otf file from source with Fontforge). That's
more a job that you can do it as upstream.

> I hope it suits you: "je suis au taquet'. Do not ask me anything more :§

Another option could be focusing on your font design job  and ask to
the fontpackaging team to maintain the Debian (and therefore Ubuntu)
package. We can quite easily do this..:-)

I can try to spend some time on this after Christmas/New Year holidays.

And /me also wonders how to say "je suis au taquet" in English, by the

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