[Pkg-fonts-devel] HOWTO superseding font package?

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sun Dec 25 07:23:30 UTC 2011

Quoting pecita.net Archive Automatic Signing Key (acquadoria at gmail.com):
> I did not find any explanation to help migrating to this new standard.
> Suppose I have a dh7-style package named "ttf-police" and I want to
> replace it with "fonts-police".
> How to? (settings in control and dsc files)

You're right to mention this. As you already published some versions
of ttf-pecita, even if that was through a private archive, it is a
good idea to provide a nice transition to those people who installed it.

So, the new package should have a higher version than the last version of
the old one. Its changelog should indeed include the old package changelog.

So, let's say that your unofficial ttf-pecita packages were numbered up
to 3.2-3 (the ones you were providing up to now in your ppa), then the
new fonts-pecita should be 3.2-4.

Then, in debian/control:

Package: fonts-pecita
Replaces: ttf-pecita (<< 3.2-4)
Conflicts: ttf-pecita (<< 3.2-4)
Provides: ttf-pecita

Package: ttf-pecita
Depends: fonts-pecita, ${misc:Depends}
Architecture: all
Section: oldlibs
Description: transitional dummy package
 This package is a dummy transitional package. It can be safely removed.

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