[Pkg-fonts-devel] C&W with a font twist?

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Sat Jul 23 17:08:52 UTC 2011


> May I suggest a fun addition to the traditional Debconf Cheese&Wine?
> Testing the immense collective knowledge of the Debian tribe around
> exotic Cheeses and Wines from across the globe against their knowledge
> of fonts with the following games:
> http://cheeseorfont.mogrify.org/
> http://fontorwine.com/
> A distinguished kind of drinking game or something :-)
> (someone should do a standalone or AGPL-ed version of these...)

So any plans to "fontify" a little bit the traditional Debconf C&W :-)

Or at least use one of our packaged open fonts on the labels/signs
describing the various delicacies?

Wish I could be there, hopefully next time round.

Have a great time! Looking forward to the pictures.

Nicolas Spalinger,
SIL NRSI volunteer - http://scripts.sil.org
Debian fonts task force -  http://pkg-fonts.alioth.debian.org
Open font community - http://planet.open-fonts.org

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