[Pkg-fonts-devel] Revamping of the "Bits from the fonts packaging team" talk

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Wed Jul 27 19:55:44 UTC 2011

Hello dear talks team,

Sadly, I really won't be able to make the planned "Bits from the fonts
packaging team" talk. Impreparation, lack of ability to cover all
needed topics and a small lack of motivation may explain this all.

I really apologize for doing such a late warning. As of now, I turned
the talk into a BOF but I even feel culprit of "stealing" the big
auditorium for what could be indeed a fonts packaging team meeting,
mostly. I also don't think that video coverage is really highly worth
it (except *maybe* for the 1 or 2 of us who aren't here).

So, indeed, if any other event might benefit from the big auditorium
room, please feel free to talk with me. Even the meeting room would be
OK for us. As first proposal, it might be a good idea to switch rooms
with the SPI Bof.

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