[Pkg-fonts-devel] license violations with embedded binary copies of GNU FreeFont?

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Thu Jun 9 20:40:04 UTC 2011

> I would think that detecting non-free and other fonts embedded into
> PDFs is quite hard to do, do you have some thoughts on that?

>From the names of the subsets, even if there are variations and the
added suffixes ?

> On that topic, I wonder if we need a lintian complaint for fonts in
> main that have restrictive bits enabled; no embedding/modifying etc.

Yeah, great idea!  That would be really helpful.

Along with a little python script using fonttools or fontforge to output
the fsType as an extra item in the report for each font in the review to
help with what already in the archive?

>> To help with this I'm working on a simple adaptation of our review
>> script to analyse all pdfs in the archive and produce a report about all
>> the fonts used. Basically it's exposing the output of pdfinfo and
>> pdffonts (from poppler-utils) from all the pdfs. This should help us as
>> a team to fix the situation. (we can look at other types of documents
>> later on).
> Interesting, I would suggest exposing that as links and todo items on
> the PTS so we can spread around the work of fixing this stuff.

Yes, hopefully that can be the next step when the script is good enough
(it still balks on various pdfs). Although I'm not sure how best
to do that at this stage and I'll probably ask for your help there.

>> But I have trouble accessing our svn with the new Alioth setup. Can
>> someone in the team be so kind and explain how they've switched their
>> access configuration or point me to the right docs? Thanks in advance.
> The SSH host keys have changed.
> Login via password is no longer enabled, need SSH keys instead.
> http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH
> The web-based SVN viewers are at different URLs, as is anonymous access IIRC
> There are some issues that remain unresolved for now:
> http://titanpad.com/yyhfwA9Pyr

Thanks for the extra link.

Turns out I went through the docs too fast and put a DSA key in my
Alioth account instead of a RSA one. I'm now updating my local copy of
the repo.


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