[Pkg-fonts-devel] any idea when we will have font-anonymous-pro in debian/ubuntu

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In-line :-

2011/6/21 Rogério Brito <rbrito at ime.usp.br>:
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> Hi there Christian and others.

Hi all,
> On 2011-06-20 01:41, Christian PERRIER wrote:
>> Quoting Rogério Brito (rbrito at ime.usp.br):
>>>> <quote=Christian Perrier>
>>>> - rename it to follow the current pkg-fonts package naming policy, so
>>>> "fontS-anonymous-pro" (we're discussing about making the "foundry"
>>>> part in package names an optional component and I think there is
>>>> consensus that it hasn't to be mandatory)
>>> Indeed. I have the very rough draft of the fonts policy at
>>>     https://github.com/rbrito/fonts-policy
>>> and the foundry thing is only a suggestion, not requirement.
>> However, we may discuss whether it should be "fonts-anonymous-pro" or
>> "fonts-anonymouspro". The latter makes it clearer that "anonymous" is
>> not a foundry name..:-)
> I think that a middle ground between "no foundries" and "with foundries" is to
> adopt the following position:
> 1 - just "say no to foundries"
> 2 - since we don't have foundries, in case a foundry should be credited or to
> avoid disabiguation, just incorporate the name of the foundry in the name of the
> font and regard *that* as the name of the font.
> If we adopt the naming convention above, then we can "parse" the name of the
> fonts as:
> * fonts-(anonymous-pro): "Anonymous Pro" is the name of the font, and
> "Anonymous" is *not* the foundry.
> * fonts-(paratype-sans): here, Paratype is the foundry, but since the name
> "sans" is way too generic, we adopt "Paratype Sans" as the name of the font and
> we are done with it.
> * fonts-(urw-garamond-no8): here, URW is the foundry, but since the world is
> *so* full of Garamond revivals (and no8 indicates that this is the 8th version
> of Garamond that URW created), we just adopt "URW Garamond No8" as the name of
> the font and no chances of ambiguities arise.
> In other words, I believe that the interpretation above would be a good
> compromise between the two groups of people ("with/no foundries") and, if fact,
> we need no further action here.
> How's that for a "lassez faire" state of things? :-)
> BTW, I would love to get feedback on the idea above *and* on the state of the
> draft of the policy.
> Also, since we have some Canonical/Ubuntu people in this discussion, could we
> join our forces and work together? I'm looking for feedback here too.

Hi all,
      As a user I have seen quite a few different naming conventions.
Few examples :-

a. otf-freefont (otf  type fonts)
b. ttf-devanagari-fonts (ttf type fonts)
c. fonts-horai-umefont (Japanese TrueType font, Ume-font)
d. xfonts-terminus (Fixed-width fonts for fast reading)
e. itrans-fonts (Extra fonts used in the ITRANS Indic text

The above are mere representations of the diverse nature of
naming-conventions being used in debian.

I did read the debian-fonts-policy as well


>From that document it seems that somewhere in the future binary
packages would be  *type*-*name* or/and *type*-*foundry*-*name* which
I think when it would come into force would entail rebuilding some of
the other existing fonts perhaps (with conflicts to the old name) .

As a user just have to deal with 'ps', 'otf' and 'ttf'

If my understanding is correct, then it would be really welcome as it
would make things more sensible and compact.

*But* dunno if its nice/good to hold the font for the naming
policy/specification to be hashed out ?


On a side-note, is there a bug to have ttf-ubuntu-font-family in
debian ? If there is, would love to know about it.

> Thanks,
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