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FRED ABONNEL mr_renaud at sify.com
Tue Mar 22 14:16:04 UTC 2011


My name is Fred ABONNEL, I am the auditor general BANK
AFRICA Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (BOA-CI) I got a package
financialtransaction that will benefit both. I have your
information during my search through the Internet to
reliable and honest.

As the auditor general of the Bank, it is my duty to send
in a financial report to the board of directors of the Board
Accounts of CI, so I was carrying year.While
After a type of audit report of the proceedings involving
end of the financial account of the years in our report database
data, found a total of twelve million nine hundred
[12,950.000.00] fifty thousand U.S. dollars is not registered in
financial balance at year end. was an excess
profits made by our bank in recent quarters

I have seen that this background in place we call suspense account
without any beneficiary. As a bank employee who can not
be directly connected to this money, as reported
my contact with you to work together so you can
participate and receive this money in your bank account to SHARE.

The money will be shared in the ration of 60/40%. All
I want to do is to stand claim as the original depositor
this fund. I am 46 years old, married with three beautiful
children. You may want to know that I am a man of peace and not
want problems, I just hope we can help each other.
If you do not want this business offer kindly forget it, because
not be contacted again.

Note: there is virtually no risk, will be transferred
bank, all I need from you is to stand claim
as the original depositor of this fund who made the deposit to
that this money will be documented in his name and transferred
Your bank then appointed
consideration. If you accept this offer to work with me, I thank
much. Once I get the answer you detail
how can we achieve success.

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