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ancient Greek font (Byzantine cursive hand style)
 During the whole of the 18th century the old tradition of using Greek
 types designed to conform to the Byzantine cursive hand with many
 ligatures and abbreviations - as it was originated by Aldus Manutius
 in Venice and consolidated by Claude Garamont (Grecs du Roy) - was
 still much in practice, although clearly on the wane. GFS Gazis is a
 typical German example of this practice as it appeared at the end of
 that era in the 1790's. Its name pays tribute to Anthimos Gazis
 (1758-1828), one of the most prolific Greek thinkers of the period,
 who was responsible for writing, translating and editing numerous
 books, including the editorship of the important Greek periodical
 Ερμής ο Λόγιος (Litterary Hermes) in Wien.  GFS Gazis has been
 digitally designed by George D. Matthiopoulos.
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Changes: fonts-gfs-gazis (1.1-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Add proper Replaces, Provides, Conflicts to handle smooth upgrades
    after renaming

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