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Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sat Sep 3 05:13:06 UTC 2011

tags 632746 fixed-upstream

Quoting Steve White (stevan.white at googlemail.com):
> Hi Drake!
> You are right about U+2404 and U+2405: they are exchanged.
> The reason is embarrassing: the application FontForge, which we use to
> build the fonts, has little icons showing representations of the
> letters.  These icons are exchanged in FontForge, and I followed the
> icons rather than the Unicode specimen.

Has a bug been reported against fontforge for this?

> A fix has been submitted to FreeFont CVS.

Hence tagging the bug report accordingly.

> As to U+240E SYMBOL FOR SHIFT OUT, the Unicode specimen
>     http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2400.pdf
> Shows this represented as SS.  If that is wrong, you should take it up
> with Unicode.
> Thanks!
> P.S. Debian is a terrible place to post bug reports about packages
> Debian doesn't produce.
> They do not report the bugs to the producers.  It is like tossing
> pennies into a well.
> Please post further bugs to FreeFont
>    https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?group=freefont

Please don't make blind assumptions about "Debian" in general. The
task of forwarding bugs to various upstreams is among the duty of
package maintainers. It sometimes happens that some of us fail to do
so (after all,we're all volunteers and several of us maintain dozens
of packages). But please don't discourage users to report bugs.

It seems that ttf-freefont bugs were not efficiently forwarded to
you. We take the blame for that and will try to improve this in the

However, please don't spread wrong assumptions about "they do
not report bugs to the producers". May I suggest you to have a look at
bug reports for the "samba" package for instance, in order to correct
this false perception of the work of Debian developers? And I of
course have thousands of similar examples among Debian source

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