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(new) fonts-manchufont_2.007.svn0068-2.debian.tar.gz optional fonts
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(new) fonts-manchufont_2.007.svn0068-2_all.deb optional fonts
Smart OpenType font for Manchu script
 Manchu Font is a TrueType favored OpenType font for Mac and PC.
 It contains Manchu characters in Unicode range start from #1800,
 extend glyphs which are missing from the Unicode standard,
 ligature features, substitution features and hinting.
(new) fonts-manchufont_2.007.svn0068.orig.tar.gz optional fonts
  to main/f/fonts-manchufont/ttf-manchufont_2.007.svn0068-2_all.deb
Changes: fonts-manchufont (2.007.svn0068-2) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Arne Goetje ]
  * debian/control: Change Maintainer to Debian Fonts Task Force, set myself as Uploader.
  * debian/control: Update homepage link
  * debian/control: remove defoma dependency
  * debian/control: change arch to all (Closes: #588614)
  * debian/control: renamed package to fonts-manchufont
  * debian/control: added Vcs information
  * add fontconfig snippet to prevent the font being used
    for mn_MN locales (LP: #264123)
  * Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format
  * added debian/preinst postint and postrm to remove old defoma cruft
  * move install directory to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/manchufont
  * rename 69-ttf-manchufont.conf to 69-manchufont.conf
  * bump debhelper compatibility level to 8

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