[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: merging Tuffy font fork

brtkr bartakarcsi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 15:53:28 UTC 2011

I don't see my message in thread. I repost it one more. I don't want to blame anybody.

What did T. U. do? He put my glyphs into his source font files not corrected font info entries. It means that version 1.27 contains more glyphs with the same errors what you saw before in v. 1.1.

The source files of Tuffy of the original author (uploaded nowadays for testing) is full of bugs. I say one: font info. Tuffy Regular contains kursive tag in various languages, not standardized and so on. Saved otf. Not set PANOSE information.
OKAY, I know this is Public Domain and anyone can do it with anything. But don't ruin all my data built accurate by myself so that a typeface family would be as precise as it can be in a Linux based world. This is outrageous but I don't care a rap anymore.

Where is my e-mail address in LICENSE.txt???? Proper data in font
info, too, please. Do not ruin all my notes!!!

I'm watching the test package uploaded by you. I have some remarks about the fonts (Tuffy Regular).
– Don't forget, that Unicode standard changed to 6.0. Some changes may occur.
– Romanian accented Scommaaccent, scommaaccent, Tcommaaccent and
tcommaaccent contain commas! No cedille. (This was my fault.)
– Uni20B5 needs clockwise and remove overleap.
– iotadieresistonos (U+390) Accent position.
– Imacromcyrillic (U+04E2) and imacromcyrillic (U+04E3) need macron.
– Umacromcyrillic (U+04EE) and umacromcyrillic (U+04EF) need macron.
– Need correct these glyphs: U+040A, U+0424, U+044B, U+044E, U+044F…
There are no accents or modification from U+0492 to U+04BF. See
Unicode book p. 38 (Cyrillic).
– Adieresiscyrillic (U+04D2) and adieresiscyrillic (U+04D3) need
– There are no accents from U+04C3 to U+04CE.
– About ff ligature. The ligature ff starts in Alphabetic Presentation Forms. U+FB00. See page 1085. This is the part of Unicode Standard. If any non-unicode or national or ancient glyphs are made, I put them in Private section.

Font information:
To do:
GSUB: Liga, locl, frac.
Kerning, kerning and sidebearing!
OS/2/Charsets:  Tick to Defaults.
OS/2/Panose: setting.
OS2/Metrics: Values have been lost!!! This is the major problem in Tuffy collection. Standardize them in other font files, too. Let there be the same values in Bold, Italic and Bold Italic, so that any jumping (baselining and typo metrics) or error won't make the texting look badly.

T.U.: "It was a bit tricky to do the merge because some of the accent characters were different in your version, so any existing chars that were using the accents needed to be adjusted. Anyway, I generally preferred your accents in case there was a conflict."
My Answer: Accents are positioned largely accurate with using hinting. I had had started development on truetype files and I didn't treat with sources what I noticed later. Don't forget OS2/Metrics!!!

I hope this message will be retained and not only positive feedback will be visible.

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