[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug in fontforge when generate i with accent in SVG font

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Fri Jul 20 15:28:45 UTC 2012


There is a bug in the package fontforge 0.0.20120101+g
It concerns the generation of small letters i with an accent in SVG
  Example: for iacute FontForge generates
    <glyph glyph-name="igrave" unicode="i&#x300;" ...
  when it should generate
    <glyph glyph-name="igrave" unicode="#xED;" ...

Combined with ligatures the result is disastrous, since we are left with
the letters i with a point and a focus instead of letters i with an
accent. (+ in XML each attribute must have sense). 

Case : 
http://pecita.eu/police-en.php then click on the igrave on the 11th line

Philippe Cochy
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