[Pkg-fonts-devel] GNU FreeFont 20120503 released

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri May 4 12:26:05 UTC 2012

Quoting Fabian Greffrath (fabian at greffrath.com):
> > I'd appreciate some help in sorting out which of the current bugs
> > reported in the Debian package are fixed by this new version, in case
> > there are some.
> Hey Christian,
> I'd like to help out, at least for this upstream release. I've added
> myself to Uploaders yesterday but failed to import the new upstream
> release into the SVN hierarchy. It was somehow different than I expected.
> What about switching to GIT and thus attracting further developers, BTW?

I have no objection to this. Indeed, my stance about this is that the
"main maintainer" of a given font package is free to choose whichever
VCS (s)he prefers.

I saw your attempts in the meantime and I'm fine if you take this
work, no problem..:)

> ;)
> Oh, and we should think about migration to the new package name policy and
> dropping of one binary format (either TTF or OTF) in the process. But
> today I am lacking time, it's my wife's birthday. :)

Of course, yes. The same applies to ttf-dejavu.

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