[Pkg-fonts-devel] Please register the psnfss fonts with fontconfig

Fabian Greffrath fabian at greffrath.com
Sat Oct 6 20:54:59 UTC 2012

Package: texlive-fonts-recommended
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


please register the common PostScript fonts provided by the psnfss
package for usage with fontconfig. This would be the 35 Postscript core
fonts plus Bitstream Charter and Adobe Utopia. I think with this set,
together with tex-gyre and lmodern, we finally make the most relevant
TeX fonts available for fontconfig. The first set may be redundant with
gsfonts and the Charter may be redundant with xfonts-scalable, but they
are installed as duplicates anyway. Let fontconfig select the version it
prefers. ;)

 - Fabian

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