[Pkg-fonts-devel] SVN to git migration and team etiquette/worfklow

Paul Wise pabs at debian.org
Wed Apr 2 10:08:49 UTC 2014

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Francesca Ciceri wrote:

> 1. the patch is against the debian/control file: this means that I don't
> have to use quilt for that, right? Reading the DevRef I gathered that
> quilt is used only to track patches against upstream source, is that
> correct?


> 2. Christian added me to the group on Alioth (thanks for that btw!): is
> it ok then if I directly apply the patch (after having verified that it
> works as expected, rebuilding the package with it) on the svn repo? Is
> that acceptable or is better for me to ask one of the maintainers?
> And in that case, do I have also to edit the changelog with something
> along the lines of "Applied patch to use dh_installdeb
> maintscript support, thanks Colin Watson. Closes: 659716"?

All of that sounds good to me.

> 3. The package still have the old namescheme (ttf-georgewilliams):
> should I also change that to fonts-georgewilliams? In that case, do we
> need also a dummy-package?

Yes, looks like this package needs to be transitioned.

> 4. I'd like to help also with the SVN → Git migration of this (and the
> other remaining) package. To do this, I checked the wiki page with the
> tutorial [2] and I was wondering if the file to map SVN → Git committers
> is somewhere around where I can re-use it for the conversion. I checked
> in the pkg-fonts repo on monszumanska and wasn't able to find it.

No idea, please add the info to our wiki if you find it:




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