[Pkg-fonts-devel] SVN to git migration and team etiquette/worfklow

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Thu Apr 3 07:28:38 UTC 2014

As promised, my map-svn file:

adn = Mohammed Adnene Trojette <adn at debian.org>
adn-guest = Mohammed Adnene Trojette <adn at debian.org>
bubulle = Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>
pabs-guest = Paul Wise <pabs at debian.org>
pabs = Paul Wise <pabs at debian.org>
mauro = Mauro Lizaur <mauro at debian.org>
yosch-guest = Nicolas Spalinger <nicolas.spalinger at sil.org>   
rbrito-guest = Rogério Brito <rbrito at ime.usp.br>
pecita-guest = Philippe Cochy <acquadoria at gmail.com>
eugen = Eugeniy Meshcheryakov <eugen at debian.org>
fabian-guest = Fabian Greffrath <fabian+debian at greffrath.com>
pce-guest = Peter Cernak <pcernak at gmail.com>
zinosat-guest = Davide Viti <zinosat at tiscali.it>
thep = Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <thep at debian.org>     
paravoid = Faidon Liambotis <paravoid at debian.org>
aurel32 = Aurélien Jarno <aurel32 at debian.org>
alanbach-guest = Alan Baghumian <alan at technotux.org>
holger = Holger Levsen <holger at debian.org>
christoph-guest = Christoph Egger <christoph at debian.org>
kaplan = Lior Kaplan <kaplan at debian.org>
kebil-guest = Kęstutis Biliūnas <kebil at kaunas.init.lt>
zinosat-guest = Davide Viti <zinosat at tiscali.it>
kenno-guest = Soputtra San <kenno-guest at alioth.debian.org>
arneg-guest = Arne Goetje <arne at linux.org.tw>
henrich = Hideky Yamane <henrich at debian.org>
ockham-guest = Bernhard Reiter <ockham at raz.or.at>
osallou-guest = Olivier Sallou <osallou at debian.org>
koster = Kan-Ru Chen <koster at debian.org>
wdg = Daniel Glassey <wdg at debian.org>
uwabami-guest = Youhei SASAKI <uwabami at gfd-dennou.org>
aelmahmoudy-guest = Ahmed El-Mahmoudy <aelmahmoudy at sabily.org>
xbytemx-guest = Edgar Antonio Palma de la Cruz <xbytemx at gmail.com>
alfix-guest = Alfonso Sabato Siciliano <alfix86 at gmail.com>
neskie-guest = Neskie Manuel <neskiem at gmail.com>
jredrejo = José L Redrejo Rodríguez <jredrejo at debian.org>
andrewsomething-guest = Andrew Starr-Bochicchio <a.starr.b at gmail.com>

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