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Vasudev Kamath kamathvasudev at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 15:04:41 UTC 2014

ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) <czchen at gmail.com> writes:

> On Sun, Aug 03, 2014 at 04:25:18PM +0530, Vasudev Kamath wrote:
>> > And due to the size of CJK fonts (total 419M in upstream
>> > third_party/noto_cjk directory), we might need to separate them into the
>> > following packages:
>> >
>> > - fonts-noto-jp (*JP*)
>> > - fonts-noto-kr (*KR*)
>> > - fonts-noto-cn (*Hans*)
>> > - fonts-noto-tw (*Hant*)
>> Uh 419M? Thats just too huge!. Probably better to make them separate
>> package? and make fonts-noto depends on it? or suggest it so we don't
>> end up pulling everything to user machine who don't want CJK.
> Since #756456 requests to split fonts-noto, maybe it is time to separate
> different font family.

It can be done but since upstream themselves won't split the fonts, we
manually splitting them will be more work. So I'm just waiting till
upstream themselves split it into multiple binary.

Also upstream doesn't use tags in their repo, if they had used it we
could used watch file to track individual tags just like we do in
fonts-android (Thanks to Yamane San).

So lets hold on a bit till upstream organizes their source more.

>> Cool. Well pkg-fonts lacks active DD's so you might need to wait in the mean
>> time I've mirrored package on alioth[1] can you access it from there?
>> Just let me know when you have pushed so I can sync it across to actual repo.
>> [1] git.debian.org:/git/collab-maint/noto.git
> Sorry, I do not have permission for collab-maint either. I tried to use
> github, but CJK tarball is too big (~200M) for github. Maybe you can
> generate pristine-tar/upstream branch first so that I can help to create
> separated packages? Or we can wait for upstream to fix "make" command?

Since you have already registered on Alioth ask some DD you know to send
a signed mail to NM Front Desk requesting them to add you to
collab-maint. Since you are DM I think you yourself can request them.

Yes I can generate that pristine-tar ball, you can also do simply use
git.debian.org to clone and generate the pristine source. I did same for
importing new version of noto today.

> [0] https://code.google.com/p/noto/issues/detail?id=110

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