[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#772687: Bug#772687: Bug#772687: Bug#772687: Bug#772687: fonts-droid: fallback font is installed too early to fontconfig

Vasudev Kamath vasudev at copyninja.info
Mon Dec 29 14:40:32 UTC 2014

Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> writes:

> On Mon, 29 Dec 2014, Vasudev Kamath wrote:
>> I've included mv_conffile change you suggested and changes
>> reflected back in git. And piuparts test shows no obsolete files left
>> back which is good :).
> Hmm, did you rewrite the history of the git repo? Pulling into master
> suddently gives merge conflicts?

Yeah I overwrote the history, not recommended but didn't wanted to
create multiple commits of related changes.

> And, I *THINK* the version number in 
> 	debian/maintscript
> is wrong... You put
> 	1:4.4.4r2-6~
> for the release that will be -5.
> man dpkg-maintscript-helper tells me that 
>              For  example, for a conffile removed in version 2.0-1 of a pack‐
>              age, prior-version should be set to 2.0-1~. This will cause  the
> which would mean that we have to set it to
> 	...-5~

But actually, we are renaming conffile in -6 so this should be -6~
right?. I re-read that paragraph

"For example, for a conffile removed in version 2.0-1 of a package,
prior-version should be set to  2.0-1~."

We are droping -6 so it should be -6~ right? Or am I confusing it with
something else?.
> The version is defined as:
>        prior-version
>               Defines the latest version of the package whose  upgrade  should
>               trigger  the  operation. It is important to calculate prior-ver‐
> with -6~ we would mean that an 
> 	upgrade -5 -> -6
> would also trigger the action, right?

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