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USB 3.0 = Breakneck speeds
The USB 3.0 card reader from Sandberg can operate up to ten times faster than other well-known USB 2.0 card readers. You need a computer and memory card that support USB 3.0. Once connected, it is an extremely quick way to transfer photos, video and other data from a camera or mobile for example. And an equally quick way to transfer MP3 music over to an MP3 player for example.

A top-quality aluminium finish provides the perfect experience. What’s more, the card reader can read all types of card directly without needing to use an adapter. It couldn’t be easier.

If you are running out of USB 3.0 ports then we also have a solution for that too. Sandberg’s USB 3.0 Hub converts a single port to four and gives you the option of supplying extra power by connecting the supplied power adapter. Each port is also equipped with overload protection so you never run the risk of damaging your computer’s USB 3.0 port.

There are many other competitive USB 3.0 products from Sandberg. Click here to see an overview of the entire range. <http://www.sandberg.it/search.aspx?query=usb+3.0> Remember: Choosing Sandberg means choosing user-friendliness, high quality and a five-year warranty.
Sandberg A/S
USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader <http://www.sandberg.it/product/USB-3.0-Multi-Card-Reader>
Item no.: 133-73
RRP incl. VAT:
32.99 € 


PCUtilities.co.uk says: 

"Take advantage of Sandberg’s latest card reader to upgrade to faster transfer speed. "


Teknik og Viden says: 

"Timeless design. The card reader reads and writes in an unusually wide range of memory cards in absolute top speed. "


Gadget Gear says: 

"There is absolutely nothing to complaint about when it comes to this reader's performances. "


Mydigitalphotos.dk says: 

"The most versatile card reader which also comes in a very nice design. Reads virtually all card types without adapter. "

USB 3.0 Hub 4 ports <http://www.sandberg.it/product/USB-3.0-Hub-4-ports>
Item no.: 133-72
RRP incl. VAT:
32.99 € 


Nikk Tech says: 

"Good product in the market which i strongly recommend and that's why it gets our Golden award. "


Gadget Speak says: 

"A six-fold increase! "

Nikktech says: 

"This one performed on par and even better than the Mainboard USB 3.0. Strongly recommended. "


Review-Center says: 

"Superb product quality. Stable connection. Mains PSU included. Very high data performance. "

eReviews says: 

"The performance is brilliant. A really good purchase."

RRP incl. VAT  

You can win great prizes every month. Enter the competition <http://www.sandberg.it/maillistCompetition.aspx?email=pkg-fonts-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org> by answering a simple question. 

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