[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#736208: fonts-oflb-asana-math: please remove texlive-xetex from Recommends

Bob Bib bobbibmpn at mail.ua
Wed Jan 22 04:20:35 UTC 2014

2014-01-21 from Christian Perrier:
> I dropped the relationship completely


2014-01-21 from Khaled Hosny:
> It is an OpenType math font
> ...
> Firefox is working on supporting these fonts

There's also a TrueType version in new upstream (bug #642596).
And yes, I found it in "Suggests:" section of the "iceweasel" package :)

2014-01-21 from Jonas Smedegaard:
> This is an issue of _direction_ of relationship:
> A font does not "need" a rendering environment.
> It is the other way around.
> Similar to libraries not needing executables,
> and plugins not needing what they plug into.

I'm somewhat doubtful about the plugins,
as they usually depend on the host application engine.
And fonts are more like any other common data files,
e. g. documentation etc...

Hope we'll not ascend into metaphysics here, sorry :)

Best wishes, Bob

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