[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#703456: Please add Nafees Nastaleeq

Gunnar Hjalmarsson gunnarhj at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 9 19:35:16 UTC 2014

2014-06-09 07:16, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> From our package naming policy, the source package name should be
> something like fonts-crulp-nafeesnastaleeq (we should probably then
> rename the existign fonts-nafees package to fonts-crulp-nafeeswebnaskh.

It looks like CRULP is CLE nowadays => fonts-cle-nafeesnastaleeq

2014-06-09 16:43, Nicolas Spalinger wrote:
> BTW, if you haven't noticed yet, there are significant issues with the
> licensing of this font that still need fixing (it's sadly a non-standard
> mishmash of licenses with little coherence, legal validity or practical
> use cases:
> http://www.cle.org.pk/software/license/Nafees_Nastaleeq_License.html So
> I would expect our ftpmasters to seriously frown on this and reject
> it!).

Well, please let me remind of the fact that another font with the very
same license is packaged in fonts-nafees and has been in the Debian
archive for 8 years. Consequently it would be pretty inconsistent to
reject a request to add Nafees Nastaleeq, wouldn't it?

There are other Nastaleeq fonts. For instance, from the discussion at
the related Ubuntu bug I understand that some Urdu users would prefer
Jameel Noori Nastaleeq over Nafees Nastaleeq.


The ttf files included in the zip that can be downloaded from there have
this embedded copyright notice:

"This Font Is Free Of Charge For Urdu Lovers"

Suppose that wouldn't make the ftpmasters feel more comfortable. ;)

I get the impression that the FOSS concept isn't well established in
Pakistan. Let's not be too picky about licenses while trying to change that.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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