[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#734626: fonts-opendin: Typo in Menu Name of Font (Eng*sh*rift instead of Engschrift)

Francesca Ciceri madamezou at zouish.org
Tue Mar 25 20:48:35 UTC 2014

[cc-ing Paulo Silva, who's upstream for this font, because the problem
seems to originate from the upstream source]

Hi Ralph,

you're correct about the typo. The problem, though, is that the typo in
the font name appears to come from the upstream source.
You can verify it going to the homepage of the project [1], 
downloading the .zip and unzipping it: 

madamezou at malatesta:~/bugs$ unzip 107153-OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift.zip 
Archive:  107153-OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift.zip
creating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/
inflating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/About.txt  
inflating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/OFL.txt  
inflating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/OpenDinSchriftenEngshrift.otf  
inflating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/OpenDinSchriftenEngshrift.sfd
inflating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/OpenDinSchriftenEngshrift.svg  
inflating: OpenDinSchriftenEngschrift/OpenDinSchriftenEngshrift.ttf  

So: the archive and the directory names are correct, the filenames
and the metadata of the font contain the typo.
While it's certainly possible to fix it in the Debian package, maybe
it's even better if upstream fixes it directly in the source?


[1] http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Open+Din+Schriften+Engschrift?content=107153
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