[Pkg-fonts-devel] CardBoard Shredders: The second life of carton

Edward Line mikeaitalianengineering at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 09:44:19 UTC 2015

The tritacartoni: The second life of carton

To turn a waste material that occupies warehouses into a specific product for packaging is now  possible thanks to the Edward line , produced by Edward, which is part of Klindex’  Italian group of factories  

Elastic fiber, strips and confetti: these are the new dimensions that used carton can take thanks to the potential of new industrial Klindex’ Edward carton shredders  that allow you to turn a waste product that takes room in warehouses into a material with a thousand possibilities. Thanks to the three cutting patterns (elastic mesh, strips or confetti), the ecological, compact and economical Edward range , allows to obtain three types of packaging suitable for different specific uses. The elastic cardboard mesh is useful for products wrapping and as a fill to replace the bubble wrap; confetti helping saving space can replace polystyrene and similar , while the strips -  paper shredders like  - can be used for articular packaging .

Designed for heavy use  Edward carton shredders use blades 88 mm,  reinforced shaft , belt and roller bearings are optimal to reduce the costs of waste disposal and packaging  transforming used cartons into precious material for shipping purposes .  Are ideal - also for their robust casing of sheet steel - hard use in shipment departments  Edward carton shredders are  available in 4 different models depending on the width of the carton inlet of cut and the type of motor . In fact there are  the models Edward 300 and 400 available in both single and three phase and three-phase only models 500 and 700  Many are the benefits that these machines offer The blades, for example, are reinforced to resist also the passage of small metal pieces ; Furthermore, you can use cartons with a width exceeding 1 meter because Edward performs automatic trimming with a second passage Operation is easy and convenient thanks to a two-position switch all models are transportable on wheels and equipped with connection for dust extraction systems, as well as comply with all applicable national and international safety regulations  Over sized motors guarantee high reliability

THE FEATURES : : For best results and provide operators with the high quality  Edward carton shredders introduce specific features such as special gears for heavy duty cycles high cutting speed (12m / min); bearings for high radial loads Big wheels with brakes; Hepa vacuum cleaner for  dust collecting . Other special features are: the porthole for the inspection of blades  , anti-scratch  powder coating and anti-wear treatments The carton shredder can also be used to destroy CDs, floppies, credit cards and stapled cartons  All four models provide, finally, a 8 hours  continuous work capacity .

three cutting mode: chips, strips and reticular

for more info: www . tritacartone . com

or contact us via email at: info @ tritacartone . com

for SPAM reason, remove blank char from web and email addresses

for more info, do not hesitate to contact us

Best regards


Edward Cardboard Shredders

Tritacartone . com



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