[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#808109: Bug#808109: Bug#808109: fonts-droid-fallback and fonts-droid: error when trying to install together

Vasudev Kamath vasudev at copyninja.info
Fri Dec 25 17:11:51 UTC 2015

Vasudev Kamath <vasudev at copyninja.info> writes:

>> but that seems non-ideal to me: if there was an NMU 1:4.4.4r2-7.1
>> based on 1:4.4.4r2-7, then it would presumably still have shipped
>> DroidSansFallback.ttf and so on, so it cannot be co-installed
>> with 1:6.0.0r26-1.
> So the relation should be updated to ( << 1:6.0.0r26-1~) right?. I will
> prepare this and try to test it using piuparts.

So it works fine. Now the package needs a upload :-). Changes are in
pkg-fonts team git.

Calling upon DD's from pkg-fonts team :-).

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