[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#794743: New version of ttfautohint packaging

gurkan gurkan at phys.ethz.ch
Thu Oct 8 07:26:32 UTC 2015

Hi Vasudev

> There is new version of ttfautohint available. Do you plan to package 
> it
> any time soon?. More of the fonts are using new version of ttfautohint
> and since we are building fonts from source we need to have newer
> version of ttfautohint in archive.

I have some updated versions here http://sid.ethz.ch/debian/ttfautohint/
However it doesn't look I'm going to find time to get that sponsored 
soon or at the moment.

> As of now lohit fonts for Indian languages maintained in Debian-IN 
> needs
> ttfautohint.
> I saw that though team maintained ttfautohint is not using team Vcs,
> infact there is no package Vcs. Is it okay with you to use Git vcs of
> pkg-fonts? If you are fine I can import current version in archive into
> a Git repository.

Please go ahead with whatever helps you to get the updated versions 
where you need
it, that's why it's team maintained after all.

> Please let us know of your thoughts.


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