[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#820598: Bug#820598: fontforge: undefined symbol: png_longjmp

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sat Apr 16 07:16:30 UTC 2016

Quoting James Cowgill (jcowgill at debian.org):
> Control: reassign 820800 fontforge
> Control: forcemerge -1 820800
> Control: retitle -1 fontforge: undefined symbol: png_longjmp
> Control: tags -1 patch pending
> Hi,
> This bug seems to be caused by incorrect detection of libpng16 in the
> configure script. There is special handling for version 16 in the
> detection code, but not in the part which adds the linker flags.
> Removing the special code for libpng16 fixes the issue (and falls back
> to -lpng which should work anyway).
> I think that the crashes due to this bug are no longer happening due to
> transitive dependencies on libpng16, but I have prepared an NMU with
> the patch anyway since relying on these is horrible (and violates
> policy).
> I've uploaded the attached NMU to DELAYED/5. Please tell me if you want
> me to cancel it.

Thanks for this. Don't cancel your NMU, thanks *a lot* for it. Sadly,
the fonts team is still stuck in licensing problems (as far as I can
follow) to upload a new version of fontforge in the archive and I
suspect that dealing with this issue would not have been a big
priority. So, your NMU is very much welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks also, for the proper bug handling and merging. I tried to do
this, but failed because I did things too hastily.

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