[Pkg-fonts-devel] fontforge packaging status

Vasudev Kamath vasudev at copyninja.info
Wed Mar 2 04:33:51 UTC 2016

Paul Wise <pabs at debian.org> writes:

> On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 3:04 AM, Fabian Greffrath wrote:
>> So, what is missing for a more recent fontforge package?
> AFAIK, someone to do the work on the update and a fix for upstream bug
> #1747, which will cause fonts-pecita to FTBFS.
> https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge/issues/1747

I see this in the changelog

fontforge (1:2.0.20140101-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (Closes: #675492)
  * remove debian/clean
  * debian/patches
    - drop all old patches
    - add set_fontforge_package_name.patch
    - add fix-spelling-error.patch
  * debian/control
    - add "Build-Depends: libltdl-dev" (Closes: #725465)
    - s/libfontforge1/libfontforge2/g
    - add "{Breaks,Replaces}: libfontforge1" for libfontforge2
    - s/libdraw4/libdraw5/g
    - add "{Breaks,Replaces}: libdraw4" for libdraw5
    - update dependency to libfontforge2 and libdraw5
    - remove unnecessary "Build-Depends: automake, autoconf, bzip2"
    - add "Build-Depends: dh-autoreconf"
  * update debian/fontforge{,-common}.install to deal with file location
  * debian/gdraw5.install
    - install "libfontforgeexe.so.*", not install it to libfontforge2 package
      since avoid "intra-source-package-circular-dependency"
  * debian/rules
    - unnecessary to move site-packages to dist-packages, removed
    - temporary disable test
  * add debian/source/lintian-overrides to once ignore lintian "missing
    source" error for minified jquery source to put it to repository.
    We'll investigate it later.
  * debian/fontforge{,-nox}.lintian-overrides
    - ignore manpage warning since fontforge-common package has those manpages.
  * debian/libfontforge2.lintian-overrides
    - ignore manpage warning since upstream use it apurpose

 -- Hideki Yamane <henrich at debian.org>  Sun, 12 Jan 2014 12:59:48 +0900

So a upload was prepared but not got into archive, or got into archive
but removed later.

Yamane saan any hints on why this version didn't land into archive?. 

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