[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#845058: fonts-noto: Installing the package freezes all graphical applications.

Valentin Lorentz progval at progval.net
Sat Nov 19 22:58:44 UTC 2016

Package: fonts-noto
Version: 20160724-3
Severity: critical

Dear Maintainer,

Installing fonts-noto on my computer leads to *all* of my graphic
applications to enter an infinite loop, using all my CPU cores, and
blocking aptitude. This persists until I stop aptitude and remove

Here is how to reproduce this bug, and to unfreeze the system (please
read the full mail before running the second command):

First, make sure related packages are uninstalled:

    aptitude remove fonts-noto fonts-noto-cjk fonts-noto-hinted

Then, install them:

    aptitude install fonts-noto

Before aptitude ends, all graphic apps freeze/loop, so you have to
switch to a TTY.
Running strace on one of the affected processes (mousepad) shows it is
in a loop reading /usr/share/fonts/opentype/noto/NotoSansCJK-DemiLight.ttc.

aptitude is currently hanging because of a fontconfig trigger calling
fc-cache, which does not terminate. You have to kill it to make aptitude

    killall fc-cache

Aptitude now ends gracefully, and tells us that fc-cache crashed, but
there is more information in /var/log/fontconfig.log. However, this file
only contains “Terminated.”.

ll graphical apps are still frozen. You have to uninstall the fonts to
unfreeze them:

    aptitude remove fonts-noto fonts-noto-cjk fonts-noto-hinted

(This aptitude will run slowly, because the CPU is fully used by other

Graphic apps should now be unfrozen.

Reinstalling fonts-noto at this point re-freezes them. I tried this half
a dozen time to write this bug report, it behaved exactly like this
every time.

fontconfig version: 2.11.0-6.7
Desktop environment: xfce4 (4.12.3) (in case this is relevant)

Best regards,

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