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Mohammed Isam mohammed_isam1984 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 14 10:07:00 UTC 2016

> On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 14:15 +0000, Jay Philips wrote:

> As Fabian said it would allow us and all users to patch the fonts more
> easily when necessary, it is unlikely Debian would need to do that, but
> users might want to do that in specific circumstances or might want to
> contribute changes to the author via patches to the .sfd files.
> If an automatic process to convert to TTF were provided then that would
> be good, if such a process is missing it would complicate packaging.

I am editing SFD files, from which I generate TTFs. This has been so far a manual process. It is my understanding that FontForge has the ability of 'scripting', i.e. automate certain tasks like generating TTFs from SFDs, but honestly I have never used such a feature as I never needed to. Maybe if you have more information on this particular point, or if there are any other scripting mechanisms to automate this process?. Maybe it sounds like a beginner's question, but I honestly don't know how things work in Debian. I used to do RPM packaging myself so I didn't need such a script as I did everything my self, so your help and input on this point would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

> I see that the fonts use reserved font names. This means it would be
> illegal for Debian to build the .ttf from the unmodified .sfd and
> distribute it without renaming the font. This is a bit problematic.

If you are the packager and I am the upstream, and (a) I gave you the SFDs, and (b) I provided you with a script to autogenerate TTFs from SFDs (or you devised such a script yourself, either way), is there still a problem in this scenario?.
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