[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#882506: Bug#882506: fonts-noto-mono: glitch with "fi" and "fl" sequences

Medical Wei mwei at lxde.org
Thu Nov 23 23:08:10 UTC 2017

Rather than saying it is a bug it is actually a ligature [1] feature to
squish texts together. There should be the software using the font to
disable the feature if you need alignment.

By the way, macOS font Monaco have the same behavior as far as I am aware.

[1]: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typographic_ligature
<jnqnfe at gmail.com>於 2017年11月23日 週四,23:06寫道:

> Package: fonts-noto-mono
> Version: 20171026-2
> The sequences "fi" and "fl" are displayed incorrectly with Noto Sans
> Mono (working with size 11 here, pressed for time, can't remember if so
> with other sizes).
> Specifically, "f" followed by either "i" or "l" get squished together,
> taking the width of a single character. Very annoying, not just
> visually, but also aligning code to 80 chars.
> Screenshot of "fi" sequence attached, since noticed "fl" also, have not
> noticed any other sequences doing this. Have not noticed any other
> fonts doing this. Happens both in gedit and libreoffice.
> Working on a 3200x1800 HiDpi display in Gnome with scaling @
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