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Fabian Greffrath jaonary at free.fr
Sun Oct 1 10:22:15 UTC 2017

Hello friend, 

I thought this information might be ideal  for  you too,  please  learning much  more here http://www.freedomroots.net/time.php?UE9mb250cy1mcmVlZm9udEBwYWNrYWdlcy5kZWJpYW4ub3Jn

Warmest, Fabian Greffrath

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Fuck  the friendzone. I dont  know guys, but i think when we  are  much need  of  a woman, we  appear  from her eyes like creeps.  Because that i dont give  a shit to spend much time  trying, a  quick slash  and  that so. If she  wants good, if not, better  yet  because i  dont loose time. Of course,  it not like a lightning bolt, because i make some  previous contact,  yet not so much. Woman  like  of  man of  action,  Who know what  really wants.

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