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Fabian Greffrath jaonary at free.fr
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Hello friend, 

I must  show you  something that I  can't understand, is it possible  to  notify  me what's that? Take  a peek here http://www.leanplanet.org/daughter.php?UE9mb250cy1mcmVlZm9udEBwYWNrYWdlcy5kZWJpYW4ub3Jn

Later, Fabian Greffrath

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That  it  has systematically stolen  land for  years using violent  oppressive  means, and even  continues to do  so  to  this day. Women and children are  killed because of the incredible amount of  destructive  firepower they choose to unleash on one of the most crowded areas  in the world. They cry  "self defense" when questioned, never mind that Israel razes entire city blocks with  the bombs of a military air force  backed with  american  money, while the Palestinians shoot holes in buildings and blow up  cars with homebuilt weaponry.  

The most damning thing for me was  seeing the  severe shrinkage of  Palestine's borders  over the last 50 years, caused  entirely  by Israel's  continued  efforts. Most  likely they  won't stop trying  until it's  gone completely.

No, I do not support Hamas. Yes, I  know not all Israelis feel that way towards Palestinians. I simply do not find casually and carelessly murdering innocent  people to be defensible, nor  the  theft of another country by force.

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