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Just have  a look  at these crazy  products!  It's something beyond my creativeness,  take a peek here http://www.mrdstationery.com/sink.php?UE9mb250cy1kZWphdnVAcGFja2FnZXMuZGViaWFuLm9yZw--

Wishes, Fabian Greffrath

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The primary difference between this  and a  sci fi  book though is that  most  of the time people click  links to  nosleep they click them before  they know it's  from nosleep, so when done  right  you can trick readers into thinking they are reading a real  story that has a  lot of  really crazy and interesting  things happening. Instead most of  the stories are written the same way they always have  been, as if it is just  a real story with a  lot of  crazy shit, but the reader is  constantly reminded that they are reading fiction even before they read the  first  word of the story  because no other  subreddit  has that  kind of background so  it shatters suspension  of disbelief. 

Also I'm  not a grumpy person lol, I really  enjoy a lot  of the  stuff written in sci fi as well as NoSleep  I just feel  like the  dark background being enabled by default  ruins a lot  of good potential trickery  for no real good reason, and that the stories  would be better if people from  other parts of reddit weren't  reminded  where  they were  before they started reading stories. 

edit: also, despite  the fact  that no  one on  nosleep literally  tries to convince people that their  story is factual, most of the stuff here is actually trying to  get the reader  to believe the story, at least for the  beginning.  The stream of  consciousness style exists basically solely for the  purpose  of tricking  readers into believing  it, at least at first glance. The dark contrast of the page  hampers that quite a bit  though.

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