[Pkg-fonts-devel] \o/ debian-fonts at l.d.o

Vasudev Kamath vasudev-debian at copyninja.info
Wed Jan 10 15:26:27 UTC 2018

Adam Borowski <kilobyte at angband.pl> writes:

>> ----- Forwarded message from Hanno 'Rince' Wagner <wagner at rince.de> -----
>> From: Hanno 'Rince' Wagner <wagner at rince.de>
>> Subject: Re: Bug#883906: lists.debian.org: please create debian-fonts mailing list
>> On Sat, 09 Dec 2017, Adam Borowski wrote:
>> > Name: debian-fonts
>> > Short desc: Fonts and font-related tools in Debian
>> This mailinglist has been created, so you can use it. I'd be glad if
>> you could just test a subscription by yourself wether it works like
>> you want it to be.
> So... here we go, folks.
>> If you have a subscriberlist and/or a mailarchive, I'll import them if
>> you wish.
> The archive would be nice to transfer, after thorough weeding off spam.
> Do we want to transfer the subscriber list?

Ack! and thanks for doing this.


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